On the status of Corvus Rex Book One

It has been far longer than intended for Corvus Rex to hit the presses. Much has happened since this journey began (an ill timed move to Santa Fe, NM and then back to North Carolina within the same year among other stressors, for example), and the journey continues. I’ve come around to evaluating how I wish to go about putting this book out, and that also includes the story’s presentation itself. So far, it has been a large experiment, and once it comes to an end, we shall see if it works out or if a new perspective should be taken.

Beyond that, I have decided on taking a far different route than planned on the publishing process, and that will cause more delay, a thought that I initially found distressing and which had me in a state of indecision for a little while. However, for the sake of quality in both story telling and the eventual presentation, I had to evaluate how worth it such a wait will be, and I’ve decided it is well worth it and I will talk about the process more in future posts.

As for the Corvus Rex short film compilation that will thread together the two trailers that were previously released, I have recently spoken to my cinematographer, Joe Holt, and we will soon be sitting down, as time permits, to work on more edits and also get together some of the other material we’ll need to complete a polished short.

For now, look for more updates on this and other projects as well as art and, of course, photos from the Corvus Rex short film shoot.

John Wells as Dacian warrior Zyraxes (aka Yuri Corvinus), locked in combat with a Roman Centurion (played by Rob Hunter)


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