We’re getting published!

The  “we” in the “we’re” is myself and my writing partner Kenneth Mader (please see his blog post on it here: My First Novel). Around 2015-2016 we embarked on a journey collaborating on an urban fantasy series titled The Arcadia Chronicles. It’s based on concepts developed by Ken and friends Gerald and Debra Hopkins and also a short film in Ken’s directing oeuvre titled Passing Darkness in which Gerald and Debra both starred.

The novel project took nearly two years to finish as I was, at the time we started, taking care of my mother’s kidney care and running her home dialysis system, a situation that was tense and exhausting in addition to my day job, but gave me many lessons in life and taught me much patience. After many nights on the phone chatting out pieces of plot, expanding on character traits, and at last coming to that final page, Kenneth and I did it. Soon after we put it through some edits, Kenneth submitted to several publishers, and earlier this year, Zimbell House Publishing, a hybrid press, responded that they would like to work with us. After poring over their contract and discussing it, we made the decision to go with them.

Also, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I had decided to explore a new angle for publishing Corvus Rex. Well, this is it, and I plan to submit it to them when it is ready and see how they feel about it. For now, I am just finishing it and polishing as much as possible. Should Zimbell House accept it, I feel it could be a good fit, but we shall see. All in good time.

Now a new journey and a new phase of the work begins for Arcadia. Zimbell House’s welcome has been very warm, and Kenneth and I are extremely excited to move forward with them.

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