Decisions! Decisions!

In the last few months, I intentionally held up the finish on Corvus Rex Book One because of an experiment. If you get a bee in your bonnet, after all, you must remove the sting. So I decided that Corvus needed something more on the background of a supporting character, but in the long run realized that by revealing so much about said character, it would change the entire nature of the rest of the book. It would force me to juggle what my main character knows or doesn’t know during the formative experiences that mold him.

Thus the experiment ended with a good scrapping. Yet I did not lose any time at all when you think about the overall series. I believe this was a very healthy experiment even though, in the end, I reverted a small section of the book back to what I had to begin with. What I got out of it was perhaps not the interlude chapter it was intended to be, but the grounds for an entire interlude novella to fall later in the series, a bridge between books four and five, and with the initial experiment out of the way, I have been moving forward very quickly finishing up the book as it was planned, doing a round of edits and making sure all is wrapped up neatly.

Sometimes, it seems, you just need to take a side road and enjoy some new scenery before you come back around to the main highway.


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