It is done… and more is coming.

The first complete draft of Corvus Rex: The Substance of Darkness is done. I hesitate to call it a first draft as so many chunks of it have been through edits, re-edits, and experiments that it is more like draft four and a half. At last I pushed through to the end, and while it is now time to turn it over to a few beta readers and take a step back, I resist the urge to go back and start edits myself on those last couple of chapters. For one, my eyes are a little burned out and I need to refresh and focus for now on a piece for The Arcadia Chronicles.

In the long run, however, some of my plans have changed. Corvus Rex will finally be released this October in both Kindle and print formats, and potentially later on other platforms such as Ingram Spark. I pondered this choice for a while, and have determined that it suits my preferences and plans for the series.

In addition, the entire Corvus Rex series is now outlined and in full development from this book all the way through book five, with three supplemental novels in between. I cannot stress enough what a difference it made to have this series organized and sitting there before me with all of the pieces falling into place. Even more exciting is the inspiration I’ve felt lately to dig deeper into my other writing. Older unfinished works have come off the digital shelf and been dusted off and organized into Scrivener so that I might explore them again, finish them. Many of these have different takes on similar themes from vampires to fallen angels, and I hope to share them all eventually, as time permits.

I will talk about this last part more in depth later, because I wish to break down how I’ve come around to finding my muses chattering so much again, but for now, back to Arcadia.

So… as my partner, Ken, and I like to say, onward and upward.

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