Corvus Rex now on Kindle

Today, I am proud to say that Corvus Rex: The Substance of Darkness has dropped on Kindle and those of you who preordered it should have woken up to find it now available to read on your chosen Kindle device or Android or Apple app. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

However, there is something I wish to address, which is the acknowledgements page in the front. Because pre-orders locked it down, I did not manage to complete the acknowledgements page to my satisfaction. The updated page will reflect in a later Kindle edition and will most definitely appear in the paperback when it releases in October, but for now I wanted to go ahead and post them here, as there are so many people who are important to me and that I must mention.


First and foremost, I must thank my husband, Indy Ishaya, whose weird happily balances my own, and who has been a pillar of encouragement through the thick and thin of developing the Corvus Rex series. Also at the forefront, my mother, Patricia Kimbrell, who has always been there for me, and my wonderful sister-in-law, Serafina Magnussen.

To my beta brigade: Catherine Yvonne King, Jan Robnett, Tammy Holt, and Ben Thomas for ongoing feedback on the book, art, web page, and anything I needed to chat out. And to my friends Johanna Fally, Phoebe Juel, and Tara Cornett, long-time founts of creative support.

To everyone involved in the trailer/short film for Corvus Rex. I cannot thank enough those who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign or those who took part on that fantastic day. My Romans: Rob Hunter, Jonathan Zarecki, Rob Karnis, Justin Novgrod, Lewis Haynes, James Buchanan, Joshua Davis, Chris Payne, and Robert Blake Barnet. My Dacians: Wayne McCullough, Ronan MacGregor, Christian Novgrod, Nikoli Novgrod, Joe Medford, Carl Boldt, Sebastian Novgrod, Catherine Boldt, and BellaRosa Novgrod. To Shawn Ohtani for the extra help and evil smile, Justin Mashburn for posing as young Lovecraft. To the crew and additional help on makeup and catering: Mary Novgrod, Roseanne Tarantino, Kim Schumman Holt, Hayley A. Cacciotti, Alexis Stephanie Johnson, Catherine Ivalee Sawyer, and Arianna Holt, and again, my mother, Patricia Kimbrell.

I must also particularly name Joe Holt, our talented cinematographer, and John Wells, who slipped into the role of Yuri Corvinus/Zyraxes with seeming ease.

Special thanks also to Taketo Ohtani for set photography, David Burress of Calerin Forge, and Monica Poni Wilson Shaw, for the loaners of extra chainmaille, and Mark Green for forging Zyraxes’ sword, and to David Hart of the Nichols House antique store for allowing the use of a parlor room in which our hero could tell his story.

Last but not least, John and I would like to thank Matthew and Cathy Jackson for the wonderful action figures of Yuri that they gifted to us.

You know you’ve made it when your character is an action figure!

I am indebted to you all for your wonderful contributions and friendship.

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