It is done… and more is coming.

The first complete draft of Corvus Rex: The Substance of Darkness is done. I hesitate to call it a first draft as so many chunks of it have been through edits, re-edits, and experiments that it is more like draft four and a half. At last I pushed through to the end, and while it is now time to turn it over to a few beta readers and take a step back, I resist the urge to go back and start edits myself on those last couple of chapters. For one, my eyes are a little burned out and I need to refresh and focus for now on a piece for The Arcadia Chronicles. Continue reading “It is done… and more is coming.”

Decisions! Decisions!

In the last few months, I intentionally held up the finish on Corvus Rex Book One because of an experiment. If you get a bee in your bonnet, after all, you must remove the sting. So I decided that Corvus needed something more on the background of a supporting character, but in the long run realized that by revealing so much about said character, it would change the entire nature of the rest of the book. It would force me to juggle what my main character knows or doesn’t know during the formative experiences that mold him. Continue reading “Decisions! Decisions!”

We’re getting published!

The  “we” in the “we’re” is myself and my writing partner Kenneth Mader (please see his blog post on it here: My First Novel). Around 2015-2016 we embarked on a journey collaborating on an urban fantasy series titled The Arcadia Chronicles. It’s based on concepts developed by Ken and friends Gerald and Debra Hopkins and also a short film in Ken’s directing oeuvre titled Passing Darkness in which Gerald and Debra both starred. Continue reading “We’re getting published!”

On the status of Corvus Rex Book One

It has been far longer than intended for Corvus Rex to hit the presses. Much has happened since this journey began (an ill timed move to Santa Fe, NM and then back to North Carolina within the same year among other stressors, for example), and the journey continues. I’ve come around to evaluating how I wish to go about putting this book out, and that also includes the story’s presentation itself. So far, it has been a large experiment, and once it comes to an end, we shall see if it works out or if a new perspective should be taken. Continue reading “On the status of Corvus Rex Book One”


12687891_150321102015123_7757497759970013908_nEarlier in 2018, the short film I wrote (and then later co-rewrote along with friend Troy H. King) completed its festival run and is now available for public consumption. When I first blogged about Viridescent almost two years ago, it was still in post but very close to complete, but now it has come full circle and is a project that I am super proud of. January and February are forever the anniversary months in which it was filmed, and those of us involved will always remember fondly those cold nights shooting in a haunted hotel.

So here it is, available on Vimeo for public viewing. It is a horror film (content warning here: violence, sexual situations, gore) both psychological as well as supernatural.

Or is it supernatural? Click the link below and decide for yourself.

Viridescent Short Film

Getting Caught Up

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged or posted news of my latest projects anywhere but on Facebook, but now it’s time to get caught up and stay on top of things. That said, I can’t do all of that catching up right here, right now, but I will be back more often with news on where the Corvus Rex series stands and some other decisions being made at this time to streamline and simplify things while prioritizing writing and art.

Continue reading “Getting Caught Up”

Find Your Muse

In 2009 I was going through a transition. My first marriage had ended and I had moved back across the country from Los Angeles, but writing is my passion, so I kept clacking out whatever suited my fancy: novels, screenplays, fic, anything that kept me creative. It was my therapy and the only way I could see my way through such a daunting life change. During that time, I wrote a screenplay for a short film titled La Fée Vert which evoked the folklore centered around the centuries old liquor that is absinthe and the myth of the green fairy who lived in the absinthe. She was the muse of many a great artist or author such as Vincent Van Gough, Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe. Drink at your own peril, the legends claimed, for the muse could drive you mad, and for the better part of the last century, absinthe was declared illegal in many places. In 2007, however, it became legal in the U.S. again, the rumors of its maddening properties greatly diminished after much scientific study. Continue reading “Find Your Muse”